Foster Care.

Orphan. Your mom didn’t love you. Child of the system. Just another statistic. These are not only things that have been said to me but that I’ve thought of myself. At the age of 7, 5, 3, and 2 years old, my younger siblings and I were put into foster care. It was by far the most traumatic situation I’ve ever had to endure. I was ripped away from everything I’ve ever known and thrown into a world of bouncing from school to school, home to home, etc. Half of my siblings and I managed to stay together for a while and if you know anything about the foster care system then you know this is rare, but our situation was far from perfect.

My post isn’t about my backstory. It’s about the problem with our system. Too often we have men/ women in suits making decisions about children lives. We have kids left to live on the streets when they turn 18. Lost in a world that they have no chance of succeeding in. We want to preach “pro-life” but we fight against the vary system that would help a single poor mothers/fathers raise a child. If a child is lucky enough to be adopted past the age of five they are ripped from any family they have ever known, they are put in therapy and they may or may not be able to handle the sheer trauma of it all. Many kids are taken from their homes in nothing but what they are wearing, others get their things thrown in a trash bag. Kids in the system are less likely to go to college or even graduate from high school.

Too often I see post about how “expensive” adoption is but I’m here to tell you that it isn’t if you become a foster parent or adopt through the states foster care program. Not only is it the least expensive option the state often gives the families a stipend to care for the child and you have access to training and support. Heres a link to the states foster care requirements: As sad as it is there is an entire website of profiles of children looking for a forever home: Understandably though, adoption isnt for everyone so here’s a link to help:

Theres a certain stigma that surround kids in the foster care system. I am here to fight that stigma show everyone that with the right help and love anyone can succeed. I was placed for adoption in 2004 and I wasn’t adopted until 2008. For four years I searched for a place to call home. It is too eay to turn a blind eye but we have a responsibility to be better and do better. I hope that my husband and I can be in a place to adopt one day, but until then I will try and shed some light on our current system.

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"When you focus on the good, the good gets better"

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