To the Girls Who Date my Boys

To The Girls Who Date my Boys, 

To the girls who date my boys remember they were once little boys. They giggled at puppies and found joy in hot wheels. They played outside barefoot with popsicle grins and farmers tans. They always came to mommy for kisses. They went to daddy to fix things and to be thrown in the air. They are sensitive and loving and stubborn. They were raised to be respectful and express their emotions. They were raised to love and love big. They were raised to fight for what they believe in and never expect anything less than they deserve. 

My boys will act tough. They’ll fight the other guys that flirt with you. They’ll fall hard and you’ll be perfect in his eyes. So, I ask the girls who date my boys protect their heart. They aren’t like every other boy and they never will be. They are trophies, they aren’t the tough guy or the bad boy. They’re my little boys and they always will be. I tickled them until they peed their pants, danced around the house and sang every nursery rhythm possible. I held them when they were sick, and I corrected them when they were wrong. I always folded their clothes and cleaned up their toys. Their dad showed them how to mow the lawn and most importantly how to respect women and work hard.  

My one request of you is be worthy. Be the girl that is loyal and loving and respectful. Let him tell you his dreams. Be the person he isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with. Respect and love yourself and demand that same love and respect from my boys. They aren’t perfect so I’m sure you’ll fight but, in those fights, don’t degrade him and make him feel stupid. Encourage his growth. He’s capable of amazing things, so be the girl that he grows with not the girl whose jealousy gets in the way. Most of all, bear with me. If I seem distant at first, it’s because when I look at him, I still see my tiny swaddled newborn. Their dad will welcome you and make you feel right at home because that’s who he is but me, I’ll hang back for a little bit to make sure I see someone who can help my son become the man he was always meant to be. He’ll make a loving husband, a goofy man, and an amazing daddy. He grew up with the best example. But watching him grow into his own person will break my heart so bear with me as I watch my boy become a man. Watching you love my baby is hard, but I will always wish the best for his relationships. I will eventually welcome you with loving arms into our families and accept you as my own. I will never compare you to past girlfriends. If my son found special enough about you to bring you home and build a life with you, then that is something I will treasure forever. 


The mom of two boys  

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